Birth of a Dream

Welcome to a sort of re-birth of my website! I am committed to making this work, to be consistent in posting and sharing what is on my heart. I have just released my fifth book, CRADLED, and as I was looking through some of the things I have written over the years, I found the piece below. I wrote it when I sent the manuscript to the publisher for my first book. But what I realized is that these feelings were much the same as I experienced when I hit the “Send” button for my fifth.

So, I am sharing them with you, to describe some of the emotional impact of writing this book. And I hope you will subscribe to the website and come back and visit again!

Love, Lois

Birth of a Dream

Painfully, slowly, the process begins.
A fulfilled dream is being born;
I am releasing it; I have finished my part—
from conception…the words breathed into my heart;
through gestation…the dream taking shape,
becoming an idea,
growing into a goal, then a plan
as it burgeoned inside me.

Now it is time.
Words, thoughts, prayers have formed
into pages, a cover, a name, all held tightly within me.
It has been mine.
But it is not mine to clutch anymore.
God has asked me to give it to Him
and so I am editing the final proof,
beginning the birth pangs.

Tears wash my eyes—tears of joy,
of grateful praise.
Sensing that as a mother’s body
nurtures a child, so I have
nurtured this book within my heart.
I am swept away with remembrance
of the times God has met my need,
breathing His words to me,
and Hallelujahs break forth in my soul.

Yes, it is time, and I am ready.
I dot the final “i”, seal the envelope flap
and with a final push into the mailbox,
I birth my dream.