His Angels

Greetings, my friends!

I am really trying to be regular in posting on this blog…but I find the days slipping by at an alarming rate, and here it has been 2 weeks, instead of 1 since I last posted. Things are calming down after the mad dash that characterized November and December! Book sales are still happening, and affirmations and encouragement abounds. So, I thank you, all of you who take time to let me know your thoughts and experiences.

I wrote the devotional some years ago, but was reminded quite recently of God’s powerful protection. Twice I have fallen in the past month; one a face plant on the garage floor, and the other a tangle with the counter stools where I lost my balance and landed on the floor with the stools on top of me. It boggles my mind, but in neither fall did I really hurt myself! Nothing broken, and at my age it is a rarity to fall so hard and not break anything. Honestly, I attribute it to God’s protective angels who catch me, in a way, and let me down easy.

So, I remember this day, the day I met one of His angels. It really happened just this way…


“For He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways. They shall bear you up in their hands, lest you dash your foot against a stone.” Psalm 91:11

I am so grateful for His angels. Actually I think I met one today! Leaving home this morning, my feet a bit unsteady in my dress-up shoes, I caught my heel against the concrete step, and knew in an instant that I was falling. But I was immediately righted, my balance restored. It happened so fast that my conscious mind did not register it.

But as I lay in bed tonight I was awakened several times with that sensation of panic earlier felt, followed by the absolute knowledge of giant hands holding me, setting me back on my feet, followed by this verse ringing in my ears.

I was breathless, filled with praise, as the perception washed over me again and again. Headed out to what God had called me to do, speak to a group of women, He beautifully affirmed that calling by sending His angels to catch me so I would not fall. I wonder, how many times He does that for us. Thousands of situations of which we are not aware surely call His promises of protection into play.

Gratitude should pour from our hearts…I know it does from mine, because for me that morning, Scripture HAPPENED!

Thank You, Father, for Your angels. May I learn to be more careful, more intentional, in my steps, but trust You to send Your ministering angels when necessary. Hebrews 1:14. Amen.