Greetings, dear friends!

I’ve had some computer issues this week! My computer is very old and I plan on getting a new one soon. But in the meantime, it’s so frustrating to be robbed of its use. I’m sure you all agree it brings us up short when we can’t depend on a machine that is supposed to be reliable.

 I have been thinking about dependability lately.  We have certain things that in life we have come to depend upon.  For instance, the weather.  It’s winter, so it’s supposed to be (here in Washington) cold, gray and rainy. We also depend on the fact that spring will come, bringing beauty!  We depend on a lot of other things as well, usually until they let us down or disappoint us.  I’m sure we can think of a lot of instances that require a dependence on something we consider tried and true. 

So I’m sure you can guess where I’m going with this!  It strikes me this morning, just how completely dependable God is.  How we depend on Him for everything, really, even if we don’t acknowledge that we are doing so.  And He never fails.  Behind the scenes, in the front and center of our lives, He is working. Whether or not we see or sense it, He is on the job.  Don’t we all know this at some level in our thinking?  Yet, let’s pause for a minute and ponder the blessed reality of the truth.  We can rely on Him.  Besides trust and dwell and abide and wait, there is “rely”.   


Apparently this is not the first time I have pondered this subject!  Looking back through my first book, Psalms From The Pathway, I found a meditation I had written a long time ago.  I’m sending it as a reminder, to myself as well as to you.  It is called “Leaning”. 

One never leans
with expectation of falling;
the very act of leaning
is one of faith and trust. 

I want to lean on God.
My head tells me He will not fail
but I don’t seem to let go and lean.
From where comes my fear of falling? 

From where comes the tightness of the grip
that says holding on to this world
supports me more completely than God? 

I think there is no way to learn to lean
than simply to lean. 

“The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.”  Deuteronomy 33:27. This precious verse is inscribed under my signature in each copy of my new book! It is one of my “life verses”.

Oh, how blessed we are to know the One whose everlasting arms are underneath us.  Rely. Rest. Lean.

I am intrigued with this photo of a broken, decrepit barrel, about to fall over! Of no use, really, but as a reminder of how important it is to have something dependable on which to lean.

I’ll be back next week, or plan to be if I can depend on the repaired computer!!