The Need

 I let another week go by without sending a blog post. I guess it's going to take some time before I do it regularly! I appreciate all of you who read it, and promise to try and do better in the future! 

We meet with a small group from our church on Wednesdays. The other day we were talking about HEAVEN and the wonderful hope we have of our ultimate future. I’ve been thinking about the work we will be doing on the New Earth and concluding that this would be joy, and not duty…we will be all that God has created us to be, totally fulfilled in His purpose for us. What might that be for me?  Some people say working in the garden; some say cooking, baking, being hospitable, etc. I believe that I would be in a library; and if doing what I loved best, I would be writing.  My thought was that for me, writing is the supreme joy, but I put it off until all the “duties” are complete; cooking, cleaning, laundry, errands…all the things I think I should be doing, saving the joy for later, when I have “free time.”  Maybe that’s backwards! 

      I have been cleaning out files and looking through old papers over the past few weeks.  So it’s no surprise, then, to find the following poem I had saved.  No idea who wrote it, how I got it, or when; but this week it spoke volumes to me!  Hope it touches you, whatever you find to be your joy. 

The Need 
What would I do, if I couldn’t write?
If ominous circumstance some nameless night
removed all paper and pens from my sight…
What would I do? 
If I couldn’t share my joys and my tears,
give words to my glee or unspoken fears
and tell how I feel to my soul’s listening ears…
What would I do? 
For I’d seethe inside from unpenned desire,
but if I had no means to extinguish the fire
that burns fierce and true…
I know what I’d do: 
I’d find me a stick and a sharp piece of stone
smooth patch of earth that was all of my own,
then watched by the world or strictly alone, 
I’d write. 

Thank you all for reading my words; for listening to my heart, giving me an opportunity to do what my whole soul longs for!  I bless you in Jesus’ name.